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Do you know 99% of online experiences begin with a search engine? Let us tell you some interesting facts, as being the best web design company in India we know what matter most. Nowadays, every business owner wants to expand its business. So, it’s must for every business owner to understand what is more important. It is must to have a proper marketing strategy in mind while creating website pages, a strategy to capture client’s emails & contact details through perfect landing page design. Therefore, to skyrocket your website traffic we merged our website designing services with landing page optimization (LPO).

Don’t build a website, make a brand with us. Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence. We don’t take any project before knowing it & the goal. To find a perfect solution to deliver our best & satisfying results, our team of professional website designer will swim in the sea of your business to know the depts. We are glad to say that our team knows how to find the perfect solution to reach the final destination.

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Web Design Services in India

There are many website design companies, most of them focus on design aspects. It is a fact that sometimes most stunning websites can’t perform well. Here, at SEO Vertex. We create beautiful websites which can convert your website visitors into buying customers, and it is possible because we create an interactive User Interface(UI) which is one of the essential factors behind Good User Experience  (UX).

Cheap VS Affordable Web Designing Services

There are many web designing companies in the market most of them provide cheap services which can ruin your time and money. Making a budget for all task is right, we know budget is one of the most significant constraints. Just think if the same services have multiple rates, then there would be a difference in both of them.

The cheap web designing services provider do there best in reducing the cost-cutting that’s why they hire inexperienced web designers in India or less experienced holders, which leads to limited services. At SEO Vertex, we hire experienced & dedicated web designers to accomplish our clients’ goals and fulfil all requirements.

  1. They use predefined themes and templates or modify some sections/parts of the existing website and deliver it to the client.
  2. They don’t provide custom CMS creation in cheap rates anduse available CMS’s.

We are not cheap, but Yes, we are affordable.

If you are a small-medium enterprise, in the hope of making an online presence, then please be aware while hiring web designers. Our all experienced SEO Experts, Web Designers, Web Developers, Graphics Designers and App developers put their primary emphasis on Quality instead of only money-making

Do you want to create an eye-catchy website?
You are at the right place, we provide professional website designing services at affordable rates.

Some Important Key Features of User-Friendly Web Design

✓  Mobile Compatibility: According to Google, there are more than 50% of the total traffic comes on the internet are from mobile devices. In the first quarter of 2019, there were 48.71% of global website traffic came from mobile devices, and this is excluding tablets.

✓ Accessible to All Users: It means that whether it could be an older, younger or disable person, the website must be accessible to all of them. We create a website by keeping 508 website guidelines in mind.


✓ Fast Loading Time: Fast loading website can rank higher in search engines, and Slow loading website is the reason why visitors are leaving your website.


✓ SEO Friendly: We are a top-ranked seo company in India, we know the optimized website can rank higher and can outrank your competitors, and it is one of the crucial factors which can drastically increase your SERP.

✓ Browser Compatibility: Many web designer even experienced designer overlooked browser compatibility. Many website owners suffer from this problem due to neglect, that is why we recommend hiring dedicated web designers.

✓ Clean Code & Valid Mark-Up: At SEO Vertex, we create websites using best practices. Some of these practices created by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and you can check your website for errors on W3C Validator.


✓ Effective Lead Capturing Forms: We not only create a website, but we also create a source for generating more and more business. We use essential lead capturing forms and tools to capture customer contact details.