SEO Strategies Based on SEO Trends in 2021 That You Must Adopt


In this blog post we are going to revel top SEO Trends in 2021, Everyone knows that search engine optimization helps your website rank higher in Google search pages by placing keywords. This process helps to get unlimited traffic to your website. It also helps you to increase visitors and propel your sales funnel. SEO is not that simple and is definitely dynamic because changes are taking place every day. Optimizing your SEO 2021 goes far deeper than just building links, revamping your site design, infusing new content, and increasing brand visibility. SEO in 2020 has gone through major upheavals, and you need to keep track of the changes taking place. Ultimately, as a business owner, you need to skyrocket your sales, and ranking alone on the first page is not sufficient.

Most users now communicate through smartphones, and it has added another key dimension to SEO 2021. Google is now giving utmost importance to mobile-friendly webpages for giving a website an advantage to get the top spot in search pages. Every company, startups, and agencies are targeting SEO branding and building their fulcrum around it. New sites are launching every day, and it has become crucial to use the best SEO tactics to fuel search pages in 2020.

What really matters in 2021?


SEO has become far more dynamic, and there are some gear shifts you must adopt to optimize content. Surviving SEO will depend on your efforts to match the steps with the Google algorithm updates for SEO Trends in 2021. Google has officially rolled out the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) for searches across 70 different languages. It is also going to change the algorithm in Google, and your SEO strategy has to include these factors in 2021 for optimizing websites. Google has also made considerable changes to its local map searches, and you must adopt the best strategies for your local business listings. So, without much ado, let us take a quick look at some of the significant changes that going to happen to the SEO world in 2021. You will also look at some ways to strategize your website and propel your sales funnel.

Keywords Will Matter More Than Ever


Everybody knows that keywords are the cog that drives the wheel of SEO optimization. But, come 2021, keywords will get much more importance. You need to choose your words carefully but that’s not all. There are many keyword planner tools available, and using these you can optimize your site for better SERP. Do not overstuff your keywords but put a generous sprinkling throughout your content like in description, title, subtitle, meta description, and snippets. Use the keyword research tools to make a list of all the related keywords, and take references from Moz, SEMrush, and other sites.

Many experts talk about keyword density for search pages. Ultimately, there are no proper keyword density and no pre-defined percent. Keyword research is becoming more topical, and there is no single thumb rule for ideal keyword density. Organic Google SEO in 2021 is all about understanding your audience and meeting their expectations. So, in a nutshell, it can be said that keywords are going to rule the roost in 2021, and this is high time for companies to use the right variations to increase their ranking chances.

High pitched contents will get more visibility


The attention span of viewers is reducing daily and most of the ads are viewed for less than a second. So, to remain competitive in 2021 SEO optimized generic high-quality content will rule the market. You need to write engaging content that makes your audience glued to your advertisement or webpage.

The content needs to have the most organic and LSI keywords but no overstuffing. Regular press releases and medical journals are now being written, edited, and curated by AI. But that is not a substitute for good quality content written by humans. Add your stories, engage your reader to your brand, and try to solve the problems of your audience for SEO in 2021.

Rise of Voice Technology and SEO Optimization


SEO in 2021 points out to a rise in demand in voice searches and mobile optimizations. Voice searches will have a significant role to play in propelling your site ranking. It is important to remember that voice searches use a different algorithm than text searches and your website should be optimized to handle it properly. You will get more clicks on voice searches if you use rich snippet tools for SEO 2021. According to some key contributors to SEO, voice searching will increase by 30-40% in 2021.

Power of AI

The AI-powered Google Assistant has increased its understanding of English by almost 95% and is going to be a significant factor in 2021. A plethora of smart hubs have made their debut in the market, and users are increasingly looking forward to integrating these devices into a smart hub, and voice recognition is the best way to achieve this goal.

Amazon Alexa has become a key AI player in this context and has altered the way voice searches can make your complex tasks easier. Do you know that voice searches for mobile-only ranks the top three results and smart speakers only one? Well, if you don’t, then it’s time to change and get ahead of the curve.

Optimize Websites for Mobile Searches


Mobile devices have significantly taken over the place of desktops. So, it has become essential to optimize your website for mobiles to give your users a seamless experience. Google moved to a mobile-first indexing technology for SEO in 2021 to consolidate search engine results. Research shows that mobile searches for the word “best” have increased by over 80%.

Optimizing websites for mobile directly influences your voice search and vice versa. People are increasingly linking their mobile with home assistant devices and this has significantly propelled the need for mobile-optimized sites. It has become all the more important to give your users a mobile-friendly experience. If you don’t do it, sorry, your users will fade away soon and plunge your website rankings. Build your links and optimize your content using LSI keywords.

Use Snippets and receive generous clicks


Snippets used by Google give the customers look window into the product and produce additional information about the product. Snippets come in position zero and sit at the top position in search pages. Following a few simple steps will help you to rank high on Google pages.

So, even if your content ranks lower. You can still earn the number one spot in Google search pages if you earn a featured snippet. You can write an article and use a specific keyword in Google, and if a YO pops up, there’s an opportunity to get that one and earn your place. You can use question headings and provide short and crisp answers.

Think Beyond Google


Every SEO optimization theory is based on Google because that’s the most used search engine. But other search engines use different ranking factors, unlike Google. So, SEO in 2021 a significant SEO trend would be the shift in focus from Google. You can take the example of Amazon here which will give you more tight competition than Google. If you want to rank high on Amazon you will need to use more well researched, targeted keywords.

Amazon provides you with a set of formulated structures, and you don’t need to optimize from the beginning. Another important thing to add here is that you need to emphasize your product more than ever while using Amazon search engines. There are also search engines like Bing which follow another set of algorithms.

Optimizing Brand Awareness and Engagement for SEO


Organizations with strong brand recall value will get more prominence and are likely to boost their sales figures. So, start off your SEO strategy by building SEO with a focus on brand awareness. Optimize your website for SEO ranking and engaging your audience from the very start. Brand awareness boosts your conversions, power your sales, increases referrals, and contributes to increased traffic to your site. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity.

In this scenario, mobile optimization plays a significant factor in boosting your brand. If your SEO is optimized for mobile content, it will lead the site to increased revenue with greater audience engagement. Generously use links because they are the bridges to your brand. Pull up all your SEO 2021 weight in Rank Brain because it helps Google Algorithm give your website a boost in rankings. Build your content by keeping in mind the SEO structure because it’s the best connection your brand can have with the audience.

Leverage the power of Machine Learning 


It becomes extremely important for digital marketers to optimize their SEO using AI and machine learning. AI tools will significantly contribute to keyword research and generate user-friendly content strategies. This will make the work for humans simpler. Simply AI is going to make the digital space more powerful and will alter the conversion factor. AI content curation will do wonders and will work alongside human-written articles to increase and populate SEO pages.

 Keyword stuffing will be less of a tool for SEO in 2021, and quality content will attract more privileges. AI will help organizations to understand social behaviors and predict better outcomes. Which will help analyze the current audience trend. It will help you to create dynamic content pages and lead content generation, which will have a positive impact on your SEO pages. Top SEO experts already predicted the impact of machine learning in 2019 and this will continue for SEO trends in 2021.

Blockchain Impacting SEO


If you have heard the term cryptocurrency, then you must be familiar with the term blockchain. Blockchain helps bitcoins to thrive and grow in a legit environment and eliminates middlemen from the process. Google or any other search engine is nothing but middlemen that establishes a relation between the website owner and customer. The google network helps advertisers run their advertisements on the website and acts as the trusted intermediary.

Blockchain guarantees that the user is genuine and gives 100% accuracy. Blockchain does pose a significant threat to Google’s display network revenue. Web owners need to integrate blockchain into their systems and work alongside developers. The Schema Markup community has already started work for blockchain certificates.

Schema Markup for SEO Optimization


Schema is a powerful but underutilized SEO tool that will get quite an attention in SEO 2021. Schema markup is a code that you put on your website to get educative results for your audience. Schema Markup is going to play a pivotal role in the new year as it possesses hundreds of markup types.

So, if you have data on your website this is the best code you can put up on the website. Right now, almost a third of Google’s pages use snippets, and they write some Schema Markup code. But most websites don’t use this Markup right now, but that’s going to change in 2021.

Provide a Powerhouse Digital Experience


Good content will attract your audience but viewers today are more impressed by visuals. So infographic content can do wonders for your SEO trends in 2021. You should also make your website attractive and speed up the loading of your webpage. The UI design should be the best and should engage your audience. Don’t write something your audience won’t’ understand and remain coherent throughout your content.

Otherwise, your users will return to the SERP, and the bounce rate will significantly affect your rankings on the search page. Don’t forget your keywords, as they are the flavors that make your content more attractive and provide gas to your sales funnel.


The world of SEO travels at a rapid pace, and you need to be a step ahead. The trends for SEO 2021 are inclined towards artificial intelligence which is going to aid humans. Revamp your website with all the significant features listed above and see the magic unfolding in front of you. Make your product presence felt by writing engaging and curated conduct that addresses the concern of your viewers.

Choose your keywords with care and include them meaningfully to reap rich benefits. 2021 has just begun so, it’s the best time to catch-up and propel your sales. So, you are ready to flare up your SEO in 2021? If yes, the above tips will surely benefit you to fuel your revenue in the new year. If you are looking for help from the professional SEO Company in India then feel free to contact us!



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